About Skysinger Press

Skysinger™ Press grew out of the materials I created for the Greenfire® Interpretive Writing workshops, programs, and presentations. Workshops are great, but not everyone can afford the time and money to attend. Conference breakout sessions and other short programs are fun and useful, but don’t allow for the deep dives possible in a multi-day retreat or workshop. I wanted a way to expand the reach of our workshops and programs to everyone who was interested, whether or not we would ever meet in person. Skysinger Press would begin with a book that encompassed the workshops I’d developed and refined over the years, with plans to add books and other resources over time. Electric Lemons was published in 2017. 

And then Life-With-A-Capital-L intervened. Greenfire Creative’s direction changed, expanding our writing support, coaching, retreats, and other services. Skysinger Press shifted into the background, while still selling the now award-winning book, Electric Lemons: Interpretation and the Art of Writing

Several years and one pandemic later, the purpose underlying Skysinger Press remains much the same: to create and offer products that encourage curiosity and light up our creativity. 

Greenfire Creative continues to offer writing coaching, retreats, and workshops for all kinds of writers. You can learn more about that on the Greenfire Creative site.

Judy Fort Brenneman

Judy Fort Brenneman, owner of Skysinger Press and its sister company, Greenfire Creative, is an award-winning author and playwright, story meddler, and poet. Her short works have appeared in everything from literary magazines to wayside signs and museum exhibits, including the short story, “All My Eyes Are On You,” which has been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. Her longer work includes the award-winning book, “Electric Lemons: Interpretation and the Art of Writing” and the play, “Dracula and The Writing Coach,” winner of the Trimedia Audience Choice Award—Best Theatre. Judy is also a popular speaker, writing retreat facilitator, and long-time writing coach with expertise in helping writers who have interesting neurologies. For a list of publications and samples of her work, visit the Greenfire® publications page.