Miss Nancy, What Are You?

Kyle thinks a little harder…what do you think?

Kyle asks, Miss Nancy, What Are You? Miss Nancy doesn’t tell him; he has to figure it out himself. Kyle compares Miss Nancy and other animals, thinking a little harder each time, deciding what’s the same and what’s different. Miss Nancy, What Are You? is a fun and silly story of discovery.

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Shirley J Fort

About the author

Shirley J. Fort spent over 35 years teaching infants and preschool children with special needs and over 20 years as an adjunct instructor with the Early Childhood Department of North Central State College. She has designed and implemented comprehensive evaluation and early intervention programs for young children and their families. Along the way, she’s survived getting five kids through school and has written stories inspired by and for her grandchildren. She’s also an avid quilter and sailor and helps run the family business. She divides her time between Mansfield, Ohio and anywhere there’s good sailing.

Eric McDonald

About the illustrator

Eric McDonald loves drawing dinosaurs and dragons. He got his start as an illustrator creating original portraits for his friends’ tabletop role-playing characters. He also creates illustrations for newsletters, and his artwork has been featured on coffee mugs, note cards, and home goods. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.